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I'm a dark sorcerer from dreamlands.They call me the Lucifier or Gorehaunter.I, destroy those who deserve to be destroyed and save those who need to be saved.I live in Duryath, a small island full of mana and holyness.You can see Duryath above. Farewell.~

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Posted by gorehaunter - October 29th, 2008

hahaha....i seem soo happy today, i got banned from runescape today, but this song made me happy all again,.. the song, "you are banned", a 9 sec song, but its soooo funny, i award, THE FEELING AWARD

you might not like it, but give it a try

soooo.. the top 3 movie i like:
1st "pico's unloaded"
2nd "madness redeemer"
3rd "the halloween tale"

i havnt been to newgrounds a long time and dont remember things well!!!!!!

the top 3 games i like:
1st"love hina sim date RPG"
2nd"dad n' me"
3rd "HOST"

and top 5 audios i like :
1st "ganon95-carremeldansen"
2nd"numa numa punk"
3rd"ganon95-blue65 remix" ----- or somthing like that.
4th"royale spades and clubs alley"

hahaha lol i have to go to bed now :D

Posted by gorehaunter - September 3rd, 2008

hellooooo there! i started playing runescape a week ago, it's a fun game. rune scape is an online mutiplayer fantasy RPG game, and no credit cards requiard! you can play it on the the runescape website ; www.runescape.com ,go now! first, create your account. there are about 1,400,000 peoples that play it every day, and about 8,000,000,000 peoples are on the earth now! so go now! www.runescape.com !

okay about the game:

a multiplayer fantasy game, and my 3rd grade teacher plays it! She's level 90, and i'm now level 8, and ........... (rumblin' noises) I AM NOT IN 3RD GRADE!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

not, not, not, not , not , not ,not !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

in the town of lumbridge, you go out to fight. fight monsters and rats, and spiders and goblins!! make gold (or steal)!!!!! upgrade your magic skills and summmon monsters! kill cows, get their meat, and roast it( the way usually peoples get food)

in the town of varrok, buy yourself the finest ale, buy swords and sheilds!

please review and if you need help from the ame, i will reply.

im not advertising my OWN website.

danger awaits you

Posted by gorehaunter - July 26th, 2008

when i think of newgrounds i know its just a flash game website, but they RATE stuff and also have MOVIES, and MUSICS... i think newgrounds is a very special website that everybody should know, like ebay, but we have a MAJOR problem here, youtube are getting stuff from newgrounds and putting it there, which makes newgrounds a gloomier place, ....

anybody know "mofunzone" heres?
he steals games from other people... he doesn't even make games.
he stole games from danpaladin, riftmaster, gel, and lots of peoples.

anybody going to colorado for the beer festible? seeya there@ ;)

oh, da beer of XXX ****falls out of chair

Posted by gorehaunter - June 16th, 2008

nothin special.......

*when you play NG rumble, you can play as a henchmen IN VERSUS MODE*****

clik beetween hank's eyes.
its all thanks to"zombiecow"