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Talk about deceiving thumbnails! :'O


Out of all, this one has evolved the most, and has a bit different feel. Most people would think this is sick and boring, but there is more to this. I wonder, what is the point of this cartoon? The theme? Is it just for these random ideas, or does it have a deeper meaning?

Very entertaining!

I thought the animation must have been bad from the score, but It was really good! The dust blowing on the ground was really good, and the voice acting really was Excellent, compared to other movies. All the teenager languidge and the storyline was good, and also, the ending was really like it was going to continue!

Add one funny thing every episode... and... well... that is all actually!

Really good, when's the next part coming out?

seAnceTM responds:

thank you, i don't think we'll be making part 2 of this lol but i am working on something new that im sure you'll enjoy and the style is way different than this. :)

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No idea why im giving this a seven, but i think it's somehow awesome. Although the contents ae very simple, it is extremly creative and fun. Nice job keeping me up until one AM.


Better than those hentai anti realistic clothes, this one is way much better.

Really good compared to other dressups, and the girl is cute :)
I really like all the choices.

Great job!


you are exagurating about the "how cool is this thing". i like the dressup because of all the spinny eyes and stuff, but it seems mouse drawn, and simple. but it is amazing how you made a simple little mouse drawn thing into a kinda fun game! thats totally cool! i like it because the smiley looks cute and retarded with the spin eyes. make the yellow circle bigger, and put more funny stuff into it. make a expanded version of it, or a second one, but i enjoyed this.


(i draw for flashes and stuff)

danicos responds:

huh.Good to know!And yes,I made a simple flash for fun.I thought it be a good idea that I am more than danicos,the said-to-be by others an attention whore,I think I did over exagerate about how cool,this is,Thank you for reviewing,could have givin it a better score,but its all cool.Same goes with everyone,post,Remeber,Everything, By...Everyone!!!

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totally awesome!

It was ABSOLUTLY AMAZING how you turned the short excellent ringtone into a huge epic music piece. It is relaxing, and would go well with a Fantasy Role Playing game. Our team is actually making one, and it's in pre-production. Ask me or our team for more info. We -might- actually use this. Very relaxing and has a "big" kind of feeling.

YanX responds:

Ok.I'll do it ^^.Thanks for the review.


Regular diablo phrases into a rap song!
I'm a big diablo fan, and I'm looking foward to diablo |||

Kaboohze responds:

Cheers! :D


Another funny random voice acting audio, the tv channel things were funny, muffins?

Since when did you get into mufffins?

rednikaiaG responds:

Since the monthly contest (with awards) required muffins, gorehaunter------:)
THAT'S when I got into muffins! Ha! Nah, there's an award for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place contestants. I got the FOURTH PLACE winning spot last month.
All I got was a half eaten Cheetoh AND Front Page Coverage!!! Woot! Woot!
Yeah, the deal was, you had to end the skit, with the word muffin or muffins.
Eh? Get it? Does it make anymore sense to you now?
Don't worry, I haven't just lost it and started raving about muffins.
I'm still sane and waiting on YOUR project to unfold! Yay!

...........Take care, be good and animate drunken Mages.period

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Seems like an ideal place for a first date. Sexy :)

Clearly Beautiful

Beautiful, better than the first.
Really fantasy ish and nice grass there.
I swear I saw a dad skull though....

Legendary, and fantasy-like!

So well made and this would be a perfect cinematic sence in my team's game.

Unfortunatly, even I can't do that, and I'm doing the arts. Well, i CAN, but the worK!!!!!!!!


I can feel the anti smooth rough intence war rage, and the orc is well created.

The right one looks like berzerkish, and the left one really rightfully friehgened and angry, and kinda domonish.

Where is the fire coming from?

I like on one side, there is the crisp, foggy, chilling ice mountain, and on one side, there is blazish, streaming, quiet fire.

that's all i can say, plus, im TIRED of typing. And plus i need a nap. bye.

Zero-drk responds:

thank you very much for your time and comment yeah it took a while to finish and still i wasnt happy whit it but i think it came out just fine
i could tell ya about the fire but nahhh it would ruin your view of the image but thanks i hope you taked a good nap XD

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