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2009-08-03 13:37:06 by gorehaunter

In about a few months, im gonna submit a newgrounds-allowed flash. by that, i mean anti-slide show.

anyways, i already made one movie. i might submit it later, and bye.
luv ya all!

Chapter one: Spam blood

In the past few days i have noticed that i like to spam. Very bad thing indeed. The posts i wanted to spam, in PM's i wanted to spam... but i refused to that. The FF got banned because of that, i sometims in want to spam in real life. This temptation i think, is a possesed spirit inside me. This might get intenser later. I am worried. The blood through my body has been dirtied. BEGONE EVEIL SPIRIT!!!!!

other stuff:

oh yeah like a few weeks before i watched harry potter 6 in a theater without paying for it! I payed for a special one-week only offer $1 service movie abd after watching that i just sneaked in and watch harry potter six. harry potter six was kinda long and scary. i was feeling bad when malfoy kicked harry like a gangster type of way, and how red blood splashed out of malfoy's body. the flashbacks were scary and i enjoy the first three better. they turned a funny movie into a long part-skipping pg13 movie . the skipped like 5/6 of the good parts in the book! horton hears a who was fun though! :).


2009-07-23 23:07:32 by gorehaunter

SimonBirch , the super, retarded guy just got banned and built another account! HAHAHA HE GOT BANNED!!!!!!!

(i have proven myself worthy, now can i really join the PP, jerks!)




2009-07-21 16:36:11 by gorehaunter

I got all the portal defenders medals. See that.

Anyways, i went to this office house yesterday, and it looked like just the place in the dream i dreamed when i was 5 years old. The same looking floor, the same looking area, the same looking rose bowl ( at the same exact spot in my dream) and the same looking stairs. I find this freaky and scary. Also, i thought somehow that wal marrts was gonna not have this game anymore. That day i went to wal marts and it was true, so i get this feeling that i may be getting phycotic powers. I really think that.

Captian1: He's a cool ish semi "wolf" guy. (Ok that does't make sence to me either )

ilikeblamincrap: weilder of ten thousand guns and " i give a crap " attitide. Also a freak, but a nice lovely loyal guy! ( no offence )

danicos: .......... cheese dude?

AznMimiTa: very nice girl i suppose...

HDMI: total retard

sinfulwolf: water, light , fire , and evil. ( you know what that means )

oxymaniac: candy tester

Whirlguy: Cool guy and also we have much in common

TOBIISEMO : offender of justice

legendary-41 : misunderstood-man

zombiecows: Im sorry!

sinnergod: rock on flaming manaic gangster cool dude+ very good friend but a betrayer

simonbirch: LA LA LA LA>>>> DADA DA DAHHHHHHH!!!

xXShortEmoKidXx : he is so great and lovely. so smart, so handsome and a cool dude.

Tomfulp: always.... good?


wadolf: i suit better in portal defenders than YOU!!!! I have a MUCH more active account. Lucky boy!!!

ZONE-ZAMA: devil and flames and a impressor

FlamingSkull: LALALALA

Stamper: you are a kaleratr!

Gorehaunter: haunter chasm ruler and also a good friend. Killer. ( for good reasons )



2009-07-17 18:19:55 by gorehaunter

William and sly is such a... good game!

book of legends extract

2009-07-09 22:28:17 by gorehaunter

people! I have the book of legend, and i will be glad to share an extract! :

For being unfriendly to a samurai, i shall slit your throat, and cut your veins. In the code of the ancient barbarian tome, it has thy powers that can take the chi out of all warriors, but also cursing their sight, which is meant for seeing, not denying.

2. As years passed by, vandarain, the undead lord has been terrorizing the countries of the world, than sending devils and flames to those who deseverve it.

3. If you had a soul, then you would be one of those who "deserved it"

4. After millenias of bloody war, each sword became as dull and weak as a wooden stick.

5. Behold, the one who HAD the wooden stick got immortal powers, and the stick turned as sharp as the rakinishu's sword, once dead by protecting the stones of legend.

6. Beware the senteniel, he might surrvive again if people start to "run"

Chap 68 extract from the legendary book of glory >>>

Hey people.....

2009-06-26 16:38:58 by gorehaunter

If you are looking for the portal defenders stratagie guide, check the post before.

ok i dont know of this is gonna get archeived and done, its like a " 8% " that i will do it... ( the " number " will change every week or so). ok, we are gonna make a game called lord of the sanctuary. it is like fate , diablo 2 , and runescape , but not much like runescape. it will be (hopefully) a 3d game that wil be around 45 MB (hopefully) and will be fun (hopefully) . it will be a fantasy role-playing game that will have 3 classes : barbarian , knight , & magic rouge. each of them will probably have a special atribute, and skills and spells. there will be around 4 quests, and stuff to do. you battle your way through monsters and demons , and also gain fame and power. and maybe multiplayer.

oh well.... hope it comes out to ng

portal defenders guide!

2009-06-12 18:39:34 by gorehaunter

hey people!
portal defenders is a very good game, but too hard... kind of.. is it?

well this guide will really help you.

the kitty crew doesn't have any "special" powers to shoot out lasers and chainsaws or any of that stuff. but i DO think they have a very nice reach. there is no need to waste bombs here. first, go to the upper left corner. as soon as a enemy comes out, go directly to him. hit, hit and hit. when you do this, you will encounter the 2nd enemy. keep attacking, now you are juggling 2, and so on. a cat might come behind you. this is completly ok. just move away and keep on hitting. you will susceed probably.

the big kitty might be harder. you must be on the upper right side. then, do the same thing before, including the boss. dont keep going past the boss! but DO keep attacking. you will get damaged like 1/6 of your health, but you can recover. MOVE AWAY FROM THE X! ITS NOT THE HEALTH AREA!!!

actionsckrip guys are very idiotic is must tell you. when one is behind one, go towards them. they will both do the saw move, but one will get hit. you can always jump over the saws. go use 1 bomb! it will be useful. BOMBS CAN DAMAGE A HALF OF AN ENEMY'S LIFE OR MORE. (even up to 4/5 the health). but that doesn't mean to go in a place with no enemies, and rapidly tap the "D" button. not even with bosses!(because it wont work)

many of you think phychogoldfish is hard. this is not true. first, kill the minions, then hit phygoldfish into a corner, or the edge of a screen. rapidly press asasasasasasasasasasasasasasasasasa.

ZAMBO >>>> i hope you gathered the blood in one area! they serve 2 points. anyways, move yourself into an edge, and then press "up right down up right down up right down...." press each key 2 secs (clock-based. look at the clock seconds!!!). if done correctly, yeah... you will get something like a 84%.

lil jim unlocked!!!!! HHHHHOOOOORRRRRAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!
!!!! i consider tom and jim as the best charactor in the game. i must tell you that the british bombs are the finist. you know what is jim's "hidden" abilty is? the enemies he fight are like 75% that they will drop a gut! (and again, really nice bombs)

do not do the same thing you did with the chainsaws for the poker bolts.

! NNNOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! AHHHHhhhhhhhhhh....

the casino treasure thing is easy. crown poo hand

accept the vendetta :) dont eat guts

move to upper right.... gosh! im tired of writing!ok... move to upper LEFT corner and whoever comes,
shoot a bomb. then beat him up in a juggle. if the person is sardonic samurai, it's good news! (lower health)

use at least 3 bombs in this stage. i suggest beating up eyelovepoozy first. dont juggle 2 or 3 people!!!

yes, isnt ground stamper annoying! (sunglass guy) beat him up in a combo. when he falls to the ground, move south. when he stands up, go beat him up in a mini combo, move away... keep doing this. when in the baloon madness, beat.. i mean KILL jeff. then beat the inflated maniac up.

wadolf!!!!! oh boy... is HE terrible!

dont waste time on zombies. oh yeah, if you saved bombs, BAD idea! be addicted to wasting bombs.
keep wadolf in a combo. when he is lazering, attack him from BEHIND!!!!. if you saved guts, BAD idea! zombies will proudly eat the guts for you! (only zombies, people dont do this) tom is awesome in this level.

-later update will be available for this guide-

portal defenders guide!


2009-04-11 23:22:06 by gorehaunter

i can get a audio submission with 1.50 up to 2.90 in one vote, and i can also get a 5.00 submission sown to 3.50 in ONE VOTE. i know this works, and i personally did it. i am not lying people, so dont "experiment" by keep trying to vote a movie, or an audio like 0 when you ment it to have 4...................... i mean it. i did this once and it was very devistating and destructive. i feel sorry for the flash i actciddently voted something i ment not to do, and for one week, will vote it 0... or 5.

i dont want to tell if i did something boostful or drainful, but i did it.
for return, whoever reads this review thing... when i submit an audio... you can vote it zero. once you did, please post it up in this reveiw, so ill know. only 3 zeros can be used.... dont use it while the score is 3.50 or lower.

i am sorry people.

is the :composer: it's so beautiful and touched my heart