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Unknown Forest Unknown Forest

Rated 4 / 5 stars

totally awesome!

It was ABSOLUTLY AMAZING how you turned the short excellent ringtone into a huge epic music piece. It is relaxing, and would go well with a Fantasy Role Playing game. Our team is actually making one, and it's in pre-production. Ask me or our team for more info. We -might- actually use this. Very relaxing and has a "big" kind of feeling.

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YanX responds:

Ok.I'll do it ^^.Thanks for the review.

Lord of Destruction Lord of Destruction

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Regular diablo phrases into a rap song!
I'm a big diablo fan, and I'm looking foward to diablo |||

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Kaboohze responds:

Cheers! :D

(gaia) va4C 2nd muffin (gaia) va4C 2nd muffin

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Another funny random voice acting audio, the tv channel things were funny, muffins?

Since when did you get into mufffins?

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rednikaiaG responds:

Since the monthly contest (with awards) required muffins, gorehaunter------:)
THAT'S when I got into muffins! Ha! Nah, there's an award for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place contestants. I got the FOURTH PLACE winning spot last month.
All I got was a half eaten Cheetoh AND Front Page Coverage!!! Woot! Woot!
Yeah, the deal was, you had to end the skit, with the word muffin or muffins.
Eh? Get it? Does it make anymore sense to you now?
Don't worry, I haven't just lost it and started raving about muffins.
I'm still sane and waiting on YOUR project to unfold! Yay!

...........Take care, be good and animate drunken Mages.period

Mystik-Inkarnation Loop Mystik-Inkarnation Loop

Rated 4 / 5 stars

very simple, yet good.

when it restarts and restarts and keeps going on, it actually feels like real music.

(gaia) va pirate contest (gaia) va pirate contest

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Lol funny.

I imagined that, and yeah. What is the real version of dckstrait9? Like 9?

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rednikaiaG responds:

DICKstrict 9 = District 9, gorehaunter------>
I STILL haven't gone to see that one yet. What kind of Peter Jackson fan AM I?
Oh but as for the 9 movie, yeah, I wanna see IT too, very badly, I might add. There's just something about that whole post-apocalyptic genre that really gets me going. I'm kind of excited about Burton's Alice in Wonderland too, just while we're on movie topics. I'm not going to build any expectations up though for THAT one. We'll just have a fresh outlook, like I did when Coraline came out.
Whatever, enough. This isn't a movie critic's column or anything.
I apologize for that. Let me know when you submit that thing, Man and thanks for the 9. Seriously, thank you.
I'll be waiting, with mah ears on, Ok? Heh heh heh

............Take care, be good and buy a $5.00 mic.period

(gaia) va 4 billybean-va (gaia) va 4 billybean-va

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Awesom!!!!!! (e)

I can actually imagine the charactors! somehow harry potter... and this guy in a book. anyways, nice job!

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rednikaiaG responds:

Ankthay Ouyay, Orehauntergay------>
I'm not sure who Harry Potter (maybe the English nature vs. nature voice?) OR the guy in a book (binary code skit?) was, you're talking about there but I thank you none the less!
I'm also excited about the invitation to YOUR project you have going on.
If there's anything you need me to do, just let me know, Man.
I hope things are going well for you, gorehaunter. Keep me posted with updates and all that jazz. Until I hear a little more from you. . .

........Take care, be good and sing, like a 446 year old Mage.period

(gaia) va bad-man-inc preach (gaia) va bad-man-inc preach

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Gosh, it really sounded like i was in like this evil catacomb, and like this possesed friend was talking to me. Wow..... I want to use this in my flash, would you mind?

also matches, with the demons and stuff! :D

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rednikaiaG responds:

Actually gorehaunter------>
It's not really MY material to be giving permission for.
Bad-Man-Incorporated wrote the script and applied all creative effects, as well.
All I did was speak into a mic, with a retarded, over the top voice. :)
If you REALLY wanted to use this for your flash, you'd have to ask HIM.
(He's left a review, if you just want to scroll down and click on his name.
That might be the easiest way to get to his userpage.)
If it were mine though, you'd be more than welcome to. Besides, I just wanna see something by you anyway. All I can do is TRY to imagine how cool it's gonna be, Dude. Anything new with the website? Please, just send me a PM when and if you put something new up, Ok? That'd be cool. Hope to hear from you again soon, Man. Until then. . .

.............Take care, be good and sing like a 446 year old drunken Mage.period

~_-Untitled-_~ ~_-Untitled-_~

Rated 3 / 5 stars

good luck.

are you really leaving newgrounds? oh well... good luck.

~BH~ SunStorm ~BH~ SunStorm

Rated 5 / 5 stars


voted 5 the first 5 seconds i heard it instantly. awesome i like the video game style, with the piano.

Blackhole12 responds:

Thanks :3

Xenon the Special Element Xenon the Special Element

Rated 4 / 5 stars

nice music.

it is a bit of a techno, but there is the voice too. little bit warmer then the place im at?... that doesn't make sence... anyways, good music. what grade are you in, and what made you try to post this song in newgrounds?

fishfood2021 responds:

So what genre? lol I'm not sure what you're trying to grade this on... I'm a Junior in highschool atm.