I watched "Despicable Me"

2010-07-20 18:59:54 by gorehaunter

It's a very good, fun, and touching movie. I recommand it to anyone.

Toy story 3 is also very good, and rent the movie "9". 9 is a very good animated movie too, but it's different, because they treat an animated movie like it's not a animated movie. Takes place in a post apocalyptic world with robot beasts and ragdolls.


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2010-07-21 10:37:48

Despicable me was good, toy story 3 was excellent, and 9 was one of the best movies I've seen

gorehaunter responds:

Agree with you.


2010-07-27 19:50:35

I liked 9 I think It was Tim Burton's Best Movie!
I didn't see Despicable Me
I didn't see Toy Story 3

gorehaunter responds:

Yeah, 9 was AWESOME!