Some problems...

2010-06-26 18:08:09 by gorehaunter

Hey peoplez....

I'm having some problems here... but before I tell you what the problem is, I want to tell you something else that I noticed. In John 3:16 there is a very important phrase that I noticed that meant a lot more than I thought before... I took my time reading it and it made a tear come out of my eye actually.....

"For god so loved the world, that he gave his one and only son, that whoever beleives in him shall not perosh but have eternal life."

Read it with thought. It means, in other words, that if you believe in Jesus, then you will go to heaven sometime. What does beleiving in Jesus mean? It means believe:

-His existance
-His words

And also, I started to not sin these days... those damn demons keeps tempting me to do bad stuff...

I also start to wonder what's right or not... and people, DO THE RIGHT THING!!!

It might be tempting to steal something, or even do something simple like sneak on the computor and play FPS games. (That's what I do) , BUT DON"T DO IT!!!

NOT doing it will end up with a even more positive effect. Why do i sneak on the computor to play FPS games? Because it's fun, lol, so obvious. But NOT doing it will end up being more fun in the feature. I hope you understand.

And thank god for your good life. If you think hard about it, your life is fun and easy.

And people, I AM NOT going to start acting different. Don't think that I've gone out of my mind.

Ok, my problem is that there is this girl that I love ( Like, LOVE, not "like" ) , because she is so simular to me. Shy, quiet, and she also likes the things that I like. Those of you who know my REAL AGE will understand, but this is different. I cried so much last night. I hope I can see her for the last time on sunday. (Tommorow)~~~

And, uhhh.... any comments or advices? Questions?

Oh yeah, BTW, thank you, for reading this entire thing, and special thanks to my friends here on Newgrounds. YOU ROCK!


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2010-07-02 12:26:20

tell her how u feel

gorehaunter responds:

I'm shy. Thank you tho...


2010-07-05 21:43:42

1) I don't believe in God, so I kind of skipped over the beginning.
2) If she really means that much to you then tell her. You are probably not *really* in love, and you will forget about her soon enough. Eleven is not the prime age of romance.

gorehaunter responds:



2010-07-05 18:33:27

Hey, could you post/ send me a list of everyone who is working on LotS? ( Incase you didn't know, Evilguy has left newgrounds.

gorehaunter responds:

oh sh (bleep)


2010-07-13 12:11:24

i rlly didnt read it but o well im back on newgrounds !!!

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2010-07-14 12:09:47


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2010-07-17 09:42:35

i read it it was actualy good

gorehaunter responds:

good? lol.