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Hey peoplez

Posted by gorehaunter - April 27th, 2010

Newgrounds is so boring now. Nobody's talking to me. I am sitting around playing crappy flash games.

I want bacon.
Something greasy and good.

Well... take a look at my story:

Life Tube

Chap 1: The Farm

Dan was a six years old boy who worked in a strawberry farm, with his dad. His dad was never made lots of money, because this farm that he controlled never had a customer. Not one. That was because this wasn't one of those sixty-five acre farms with beef ribs and peaches and corn and beans and all those good kind of stuff. This farm only sold strawberries. Just strawberries. And as a matter of fact, only 6 blocks away, there was a colossal farm with tomatoes to tenderloin steaks to celeries to those sugar candies to fishes and that kind of stuff. Everyday, Dan and his dad would see the other farm, with billions of people and huge ripe fruit and fresh vegetable. Everything was cheap, and the salad they made were the best in the world, in Dan's opinion.

Chap 2: The Stealer

First time in the last 3 days, a customer came! "Three bags of strawberry" the fat women said. The women was in a worn out, dirty old red car. Dan grabbed a few strawberries, just picked 3 minutes ago and was supposed to be Dan's and his father's lunch, and divided them into 3 bags. The family always had one rule, "Even if it is ours to eat or use or drink, It's always the guest or the customer who gets to enjoy it first". He put an extra handful in one of the bags, just because then the customer might come back again. "Here you go," said Dan as he gave the bags full of strawberry to the lady. "Wow!" said the Dan's dad, looking as if he just struck gold from a mine. "Finally!" , He said. "We got enough money to buy one of those soups from the big farm!" Dan smiled. He was elated. Although the big farm was their enemy in making money, it was the best friend in survival and taste. "Corn soup there's the best", Dan said, imagining the soup, and sighing. "Lobster stew is better", Dad said. "No it isn't!!!" "Yes it is", said Dan's dad, laughing. "You can get corn soup", said Dan's dad. "Wait! I think a customer is here!" They both ran to the door. "Two customers in one day!!! That's enough for me to get the lobster stew and for you to get the corn soup!" They both felt too much excited. The customer looked like a phantom under the black cloak and the cane that looked like a staff, and with a shark tooth amulet around his neck. "Stay out of this one", Dan's father said. Dan returned to the table. He waited for his dad, and for a few seconds, thought about the strawberries that his dad was able to raise. He never had seen anybody deliver the seeds or the strawberries. They were the only ones that were in the farm, and nobody except one person in three days came to buy the strawberries, and they never made more than nine dollars per customer. Where would they get all the food? The strawberries of course! You didn't have to pay for the strawberries if it was yours! But wouldn't they run out of strawberries?

Dan's dad came running to Dan. He was out of breath. His knees were bleeding. "Dan...." "What?! Are you ok?" "The man..." Dad said panting and sweating. "The man in the black cloak stole our strawberries... I ran after him, and fell down..." Dan was thinking that maybe the man in the black cloak was.....................

to be continued....

(probably never)

I wrote this when I was 10 lol

EDIT: Guys! I will be on less often because of a misunderstood trouble. :(

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i didnt read it to many words k but u seem like a lonley person!!!!

check out my art k


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That is all.

I didn't understand a single word you said.

I feel the same way!Except for the bacon part!And the story.....I didn't have much time to read that

Yes sometimes you want nice refreshing fruit instead of greasy delicious bacon.

I suspect you wrote that story late april... and you were still ten. But who am I to make accusations, I'm thirteen squirrels in a man suit.

Tis' true.

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmm

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